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The Other

All content written, recorded, performed and computer-generated during the Covid-19 lockdown isolating in my dorm room at the University of Oxford, 2020, whilst finishing a Masters of Fine Art degree.

Story: The performance enacts an attempt to speak, using the prose poetry as the input, to a technological ‘Other.’ Through the poetic, a bodily relationship to the landscape is described to a technological presence, an experience it is denied by the very lack of a body. Through this contact, the technological ‘Other’ generates a primitive understanding of these experiences through artificial landscape impressions.

This work was made two years before Open AI Chat GPT would be launched and become ubiquitous. The work anticipates the interface between human and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as it grows exponentially with every passing year. The work uses rhythm, repetition, cycles and ambient soundcapes to create a chant-like and hypnotic sequence.