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Spoken word

Using prose poetry, the following are examples from a series of fragmentary vignettes I am writing. The scenes relive psychological encounters with the landscape, often in the company of loved ones and companions. © 2020 Méadhbh O’Connor. All rights reserved.

For the 2024 poetic series Sky Walkers please visit the commissioner’s page by pressing the button below. Commissioned as part of the Nature and Place initiative by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Ireland. Please also see my dedicated project page.

‘The Physicist.’
Words, sound, image and all editing by Méadhbh O’Connor, 2023

‘The Physicist,’ presented here as part of the overall project alt space (~ 2023) revisits a conversation with a physicist friend and places it in a surreal landscape–a recollection that moves around memory and transforms to the imagined, juxtaposing analytic and poetic understanding. The poem makes subtle allusions to the mystery of quantum mechanics, and of the harnessing of these phenomena in modern technology. It comes from deeply personal experiences of the creativity that can spark from such conversations between artists and scientists.

The Aspen Tree, 2020. Written and read by Méadhbh O’Connor.
‘The Grassy Dam’ describes a collision between the natural (the river) and man-made world (the dam), as recalled as a fragment of memory.
Written, performed and recorded by Méadhbh O’Connor, 2020.
‘The Unknown Woman.’ An encounter with a stranger.
Written, spoken and edited by Méadhbh O’Connor, 2020.
‘The Downdraught’ is a prose poetry vignette placed at the location of a near death experience.
Written, spoken and edited by Méadhbh O’Connor, 2020.
‘The Bicycle.’
Written, spoken and edited by Méadhbh O’Connor, 2021.