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Many Projects

A brief, curated selection of other miscellaneous projects over the years. Click any image to open slideshow. Image list at bottom of page.

Image List

1. Gridlock, metal, clay, seed. 2014.

2. Unknown Shores, scaffolding, laboratory equipment, wood, other. 2014.

3. Moonflower, slate, mixed media. 2013.

4. As above.

5. Living button mushrooms and substrate. 2011.

6. Scientific glassware, propagated bindweed. 2011.

7. Closeup. Bindweed grows from one glass to another.

8. Preview, first solo exhibition Biosphere, 2011.

9. Peat, sphagnum moss, vacuum wrapped. 2020.

10. Installation shot with projections. Site of poetry performance. 2020.

11. Building Sierpinski pyramid, Dublin bay. 2012.

12. Power Structure, electrical conduit, LEDs. 3.2m at apex. 2012.

13. As above.

14. Power Structure, 2012. Photographed at multiple locations, Ireland including Anglo Irish Bank headquarters, ESB decommissioned power station, NAMA headquarters, RTE and Christchurch Cathedral.

15. Blackout. Ash from peat burning power station, discarded transmission gears. With Dave Madigan. 2012.

16. Untitled digitised image (Blackout).

17. Wrought iron – King, Queen and Rook (‘Andromeda’). 2016.

18. Salt crystals, tubing, coal, LED. 

19. Burnt Earth, coal, scorched root system. 2013.

20. As above.

21. Untitled (with Geo Strata). 2012.

22. Geo Strata, glass, metal, coal, soils, sand, paper, e-waste, other. 2012.

23. Propagated dandelions planted and sealed with asphalt. 2010.

24. Spectraphagia, plants, tubing, wood, prism, light. 2011.

25. As above.

26. Idea for Biosystem first conceived in 2010

27. Untitled installation. Wire, cord. Images solarized and pinched. 2019.

28. Lever – wood, stone. 2013.

29. Sculpture held together by tensegrity. Wood, violin string. 2015.

30. Stellar music, sextant with string, musical notation. 2009.

31. As above.

32. From left: Ciara King, Arts Officer, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown; Prof Lorraine Hanlon, co-founder UCD Parity Studios; Méadhbh O’Connor, artist; Prof Andrew Deeks, President UCD; An Cathaoirleach, Cllr Cormac Devlin; Emer O Boyle, co-founder UCD Parity Studios; David Beattie, artist; Prof Joe Carthy, Principal, UCD Science. Photo: Peter Cavanagh, 2017.

33. M.O’Connor (left) and class of undergraduate science students, UCD.