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alt space


alt space (2021 – ongoing) is a long-form art project from an observer’s view into new technological developments as they unfold. alt space draws from many conversations had and time immersed with engineers, materials scientists, physicists and others who are developing the newest hardware for information technologies years in advance of their commercial or industrial application. Central to the project is the Advanced Nanoscale Engineering Group in the University of Oxford led by Prof Harish Bhaskaran who kindly invited me to observe the futuristic work of his group. ANE conducts multi-disciplinary research relating to applied nanotechnology, with particular focus on integrated photonics and nano-manufacturing. Link to Bhaskaran Lab.

alt space encompasses regular cross disciplinary communication, sculptural and multimedia installation, art intervention, prose poetry, image making and other modes. By embracing the….[unfinished sentence] as we ‘unearth’ a new world mediated by advanced, new technologies. the project [unfinished sentence] …. simply in the face of the unknown.

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Otherworld.’ 2024. Prose poem written and spoken by Méadhbh O’Connor. Commissioned by Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, U.S.A. as part of the exhibition ‘Talamh agus Teanga: Land and Language in Contemporary Irish Art,’ curated by Dr. Kristin Dowell. Minimalist, spoken-word artwork that fuses classical meters, mythical and Irish tropes with references to science–a contemporary play on allegorical devices. The work makes subtle allusions to a longing for timelessness and the eternal.