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Image: Artist, Méadhbh O’Connor.

My name is Méadhbh O’Connor (“Maeve”) born Dublin, 1984. I am an artist who works at the conjunction of art, science and environmentalism. My practice is ideas-driven and I work primarily through sculpture, installation, multimedia, and the written and spoken word.

For many years as an artist, I have been driven by a deep interest in science and the environment which led me to immerse myself in scientific communities. This was due to identifying with scientific thinking and a perspective I hold that sees all of nature in terms of a single overarching structure. 

My projects range from large-scale installations to ephemeral, biological or temporal works. These tend to oscillate between purposefully designed projects to others that explore materials with changing, living or other less controllable qualities. Many have an experimental aspect to their material outcome or to the process of making the work, and are underpinned by environmental or scientific concerns. 

More recently, I have begun to recognise the influence that Ireland’s long tradition of connectedness to landscape has had on my perspective, and I am exploring this through prose poetry and other forms. These works try to reconcile bodily experiences of land with the increasing omnipresence of new technologies in our societies that are emerging as a significant means through which we experience. Overlaps amongst ideas of nature, the artificial and the psychological are explored, moving beyond first impressions that these are incongruous.

I spent a number of years contributing to Ireland’s growing art, science and environmental movement. I was twice awarded the Artist in Residence Award (in 2013 and by invitation in 2017) at the College of Science, University College Dublin where I subsequently taught interdisciplinary modules of my own design to undergraduate science students. Most recently I have begun a long-term collaboration with Harish Bhaskaran, Professor of Nanomaterials, at the University of Oxford where I am Artist in Residence at the Department of Materials at Prof Bhaskaran’s invitation (from Spring 2021).

I have shown in many exhibitions in Ireland and abroad. Brief examples include ‘New Era, Artists for Climate Change,’ Solstice Arts Centre, Meath, Ireland, 2020; ‘Climate Simulator,’ Earth Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland, 2018 (solo); ‘Eco-connectivity,’ Berlin Science Week, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2018; ‘Antarctic Pavilion‘ at the 57th Venice Biennale of Art, Italy, 2017 (selected by Alexander Ponomarev, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Hani Rashid, Sheikha Hoor al-Qasimi & Nadim Samman); and ‘What is Life?,’ Wexford Arts Centre and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 2018 (on the occasion of Schrödinger 75). My work is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland. I hold a Masters of Fine Art (2020) from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

For a list of selected exhibitions and other experience, please see my C.V.

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