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Méadhbh O’Connor (pronounced in English, ‘Maev’), born 1984, is an Irish artist who works at the conjunction of art and science. She works through sculpture and sculptural installation.

Over the years she has steadily formed an art practice in which she works closely with scientists and experts in other fields. ‘I am interested in how, through such interdisciplinary exchange, all parties can together arrive at new and unforeseen points beyond their respective disciplines.’

In her studio art practice, Méadhbh alternates between producing carefully constructed and engineered sculptural installation which combine her own hand-crafted pieces with repurposed objects (notably wood and metal), and making ephemeral work that is less controllable and predictable. Many of the ephemeral projects relate to environmental themes, and she has made installations using, for instance, living mushrooms, living plants, peat ash, coal, water, growing salt crystals, and more. Often her projects are large-scale and involve considerable effort and technical prowess to construct.

Méadhbh also teaches an undergraduate elective module, of her own design, to science students at the University College Dublin (UCD) College of Science which prepares young scientists to think socially and critically about their discipline; and introduce them to the growing, international shift which sees increasing collaboration between the creatives arts and sciences at an experimental, educational, and institutional level.

Recent shows and awards include TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway, IRL, 2016; 2039, Artbox, Dublin 1, 2015; Sculpture Workshop Award, Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin 1, 2015; Welcome Disturbances, The LAB, Dublin 1, 2015; Unknown Shores (solo), UCD O’Brien Centre for Science, Dublin 4, 2014; Towards A Dialogue of the Possible, Mermaid Arts Centre, Co. Wicklow, 2014; powerS + √ roots, Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin 8, 2013 and the Artist in Residence Award at UCD Science, 2013. For a full list of exhibitions, collaborations and other experience, please see under C.V.

Méadhbh has most recently been selected amongst fifteen international artists to represent Antarctica in the supranational Antarctic Pavilion at the 57th International Venice Biennale of Art 2017.

She was selected by an influential international jury comprising the Commissioner of the Antarctic Biennale, Alexander Ponomarev, and members of the Artistic Advisory Board –

Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Hani Rashid, Sheikha Hoor al-Qasimi and Nadim Samman.